Balance and Fall Prevention Program


At Right Path, we have developed a unique approach to balance training that can rewire the brain and restore your equilibrium. 

Defintion of Balance: Balance, defined as the ability to keep the body's center of mass (COM) within the limits of the base of support (BOS), is required for many functional activities of daily life such as mobility and fall avoidance.

Are balance problems common? Balance impairment occurs in up to 75% of people aged 70 years and older and is common in people with neurological and musculoskeletal disorders such as stroke and arthritis.Given the high prevalence of balance impairments and their potential impact on function, interventions to improve balance are major foci of physical therapist practice. 

What can physical therapists do? We assess all the components that contribute to balance. Assessment of balance abilities is important for accurate diagnosis of potential impairments, identifying fall risk, treatment planning, and evaluating change over time, but is complicated by the complex, multifactorial nature of balance.