How are we different?

We don't just treat the pain; we treat the underlying causes of pain by finding the source. This could be mechanical (a joint or muscle), neural (irritated nerve tissue), or referred pain from somewhere else in the body.

Most daily aches and pains are preventable and--absent of trauma--likely due to poor muscular coordination firing patterns. Luckily, this is our specialty. We are here to help.

Due to not accepting insurance, we don't have to be concerned about the session time. Typically, we spend 1-1.5 hours upon your initial visit determining the pain source and developing personal, obtainable goals with you. We then help reduce your pain through a series of hands-on techniques in conjunction with empowerment-building exercises that re-coordinate and retrain how your body moves!

At the end of the initial evaluation, you will know what is causing your pain and how to fix it. You will also be taught how many visits will be necessary to help advance you to independence and management. Typically, our more acute patient's are seen between two and seven visits. After your pain is resolved, often people choose to continue ongoing maintenance visits or simply call when they need us.

We maintain all your information on HIPPA-compliant, secure servers. Your privacy is important to us.  

How much will this cost?

We provide a custom experience that's unique to you. Let's have a conversation about how we can work together. 

Do we accept insurance?

For too long insurance companies have governed the way care is given. We have cut ties.

We are a pay-for-service company that allows us to be more patient-centric than any other business model out there. 

Dr. Bird always says: "Good physical therapists puts themselves out of job." What that means is that we want to help reduce your pain and empower you to prevent the pain from coming back. We don't want you dependent on anyone to keep the pain away and to keep you living life. We believe in the fewest number of visits possible to help you reach your goals which translates to saving you time and money.

Before Right Path [physical therapy], I was in constant pain. Now I know the source of my pain and feel empowered with how to make it go away.
— L. Medina, nurse