Right Path Physical Therapy is the brainchild of Dr. Jason Bird. He traveled across the country in order to work alongside and learn from top experts in the field of physical therapy. He used this knowledge to develop a totally unique approach to therapy.

Dr. Bird is determined to change how physical therapy is conceived in America. At Right Path Physical therapy we come to you! We believe the traditional clinic environment is not conducive to achieving your full potential. We want to do therapy WHERE LIFE HAPPENS. We want to make your physical therapy as easy and successful as possible. We bring outpatient physical therapy to your home, your gym, the golf course, or your favorite park. Every session with our therapists is as unique as you are!

You and the therapist have complete control over your recovery, therefore we do not accept insurance.

Life is complicated. Finding time for therapy shouldn’t have to be. We tailor therapy to you and your schedule.