Neck Pain

Neck pain happens. But when does it become a real problem? When our well-being and overall function start to suffer. Common complaints include not being able to turn your neck, all-over nexk soreness, stabbing pain localized to one spot on the neck, or pain that radiates as far down as the fingertips. Headaches can even start occurring.

Neck pain has a postural or mechanical basis and affects about two thirds of people at some stage, especially in middle age. Acute neck pain resolves within days or weeks, but may become chronic in about 10% of people. People that have experienced a whip-lash injury are especially susceptible to chronic neck pain.

The research says that the sooner you get in to a physical therapist, the better chance there is for acute neck pain to not turn chronic. The therapists of Right Path Physical Therapy have helped hundreds of patients with neck pain return to living their best lives.