Lisa, below are your exercises. Do the two glute exercises as frequently as you can. Your goal is to be able to feel the burning/activation in your glutes for 30sec without feeling anything in your hamstrings or lower back.

  • Glute activation in half prone position 30sec x5 - remember the sequence: bend knee, rotate hip, then extend hip back.

  • Standing knee push into wall for hip stability 30sec x5 (Remember, to make this more sustainable and ingrained, do it as you’re brushing your teeth or washing your hands. Try to do it frequently and activate that muscle often throughout the day.

  • [HOLD FOR NOW. DO NOT DO BECAUSE OF PAIN] Gentle soleus stretch with foot on stool - gentle rocking for 30 sec throughout the day. This is to help maintain range of motion and good calf extensibility while the inflammation/irritation abbates

  • Ibuprofen 800mg 2-4x/day if not medically contraindicated and your MD is okay with it.

  • Calf Raises - remember to not over do it. We want to start strengthening but not flare you up. Remember how your ankle was less sensitive to the touch after doing just a few calf raises. See video below

  • Bridges - use band around knees. See video below.

There is more we can do to strengthen, but for now, getting the proper muscles activated is key. This will be the foundation for keeping the hips level when walking and not causing a constant low level irritation throughout the day

As a reminder to help connect the dots: every time you step, your left hip moves laterally (to the left) a little bit while your right hip drops. This causes a repetitive low level irritation on the tissue on the outside of your left hip. By strengthening the proper muscles, we will stabilize the hip and pelvis, eliminate that abnormal movement pattern, and decrease your pain.

If you have any questions, feel free to text, call, or use the discussion board below.